WBM was created by a Japanese and Italian women with a worldwide professional background.

In a short time we became a benchmark in the business and diplomatic relations
not only between Japan and Italy , but also with a global perspective.


WORLD BIZ MEETING : The other half of the world


We like to consider our-selves as citizens of the world, seekers of resemblances and differences. Thanks to our understanding of different cultures and our instinct for business during the years we have been working in partnership with many enterprises and participated in various International events. Fulfilling our client expectation has been always our goal. Thanks to our knowledge and contacts with the media and television networks we have always been successful.


Global support for our customers

Like assembling a puzzle, we built opportunity likes assemble unshaped nogs to create a pattern of success, thanks to our:  

• Exposure, Our skills in communication;

• Mediation ability between companies;

• Expertise on worldwide business relations;

• Business partnership with government, industries and private enterprises.

Our philosophy? Make innovation is always possible! Keeping in mind our roots and traditions, we feel that our identity is our main heritage.